EU Taxonomy AI-based solution from Dydon AI wins “Best taxonomy data solution for ESG” Award 2023

12th May 2023

Press release, Zürich 12th May 2023

Dydon AI, one of the leading startups providing AI solutions for sustainable finance in Europe, has been awarded “Best taxonomy data solution for ESG” for the second time in a row at the ESG Insight Awards 2023.

Organised by A-Team Group, the awards recognise established solution providers and innovative newcomers offering leading ESG solutions, services and advice to capital markets participants (download the report with all winners).

Dydon AI won thanks to TAXO TOOL, its AI solution for EU taxonomy developed in collaboration with its cooperation partners Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutschlands (VÖB) and its subsidiary VÖB Service GmbH. This tool helps financial institutions and large companies to comply with the new taxonomy regulation for sustainable activities and to meet European climate targets.

Angela Wilbraham, CEO at A-Team Group, and host of the 2nd annual ESG Insight Awards 2023 commented “Many congratulations to Dydon AI for winning Best Taxonomy Data Solution for ESG in these prestigious awards. These awards have been designed to shine a light on ESG providers that help us make progress with such an important goal for the industry. We congratulate Dydon AI on their incredible and well-deserved success”.

This is the third international award Dydon AI has received in a short period of time. The company previously received the “Best taxonomy data solution for ESG” in the fall of 2022, and shortly before that the Innovation Award at the Global Sustainable Digital Finance Forum, which recognized the innovative AI methods by which Dydon AI digitized the very complex and extensive EU Taxonomy Regulation, enabling ease of use.”

“We are very pleased to be awarded in this category because we have set ourselves the ambitious goal to automate and manage more efficiently a large part of today’s challenges of the EU taxonomy assessment for financial institutions and companies, which includes closing existing data gaps. TAXO TOOL is offered as SaaS and allows the entire valuation process to be integrated into existing processes as quickly, securely and easily as possible,” explains Dr Hans-Peter Güllich, CEO and founder of Dydon AI.

But why is Dydon AI’s solution receiving this international attention alongside other major ESG providers? From a technology perspective, the company has created a logical representation of the EU taxonomy for each economic activity, developed CO2 emissions models based on process engineering, and automated document reading and data collection with its Natural Language Processing (NLP) stack.

In addition, Dydon AI’s software uses climate models for climatic and geological risks, enabling accurate assessment of the EU taxonomy-defined mitigation and adaptation risks. This supports the accurate assessment of individual projects or companies with regard to their environmental impact.

The Taxo tool enables companies and financial institutions to effectively manage the EU Taxonomy process and make a decisive contribution to a more sustainable and climate-smart future.

About Dydon AI

Dydon AI is a Swiss company founded in 2016 by Dr. Hans-Peter Güllich that provides an AI suite for sustainable finance that enables fast, simple, traceable and transparent assessment of ESG, EU Taxonomy and Supply Chain Risk. The core product is the EU taxonomy software “TAXO TOOL”, which was developed in cooperation with the Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutschlands (VÖB) and its subsidiary VÖB-Service GmbH.

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