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_Introduction of the challenge and environment:

Climate protection and sustainability are in the core interest of the European Commission, clearly expressed with the Green Deal and the Sustainable Finance Action Plan.

Establishing a uniform classification system (called EU Taxonomy) for environmentally sustainable economic activities is at the heart of this Action Plan – with the aim of determining the ecological sustainability of an investment.

The TAXO TOOL is the new AI-based platform, evaluating economic activities as environmentally sustainable in order to implement the EU taxonomy for sustainable investments.


_Advantages of the TAXO TOOL

#1 Strong Knowledge Base

We have our own CO2 emission data base. It consists of procedural models, which also enable an assessment if basic data are not fully available.

#2 Transparency & Auditability

Our approach is “open-box”, that means the results of the AI-Suite are all fully transparent and auditable. The whole path back to the root of the topic is available and traceable.

#3 Sharing costs

Any further development of the solution is done centrally and rolled out to all the banks and companies, enabling a sensitive cost reduction.

#4 Fast implementation

Our solution enables a fast implementation of the EU-Taxonomy through automated processes based on AI technology. As a result, your company is getting compliant with less effort and costs.

#5 Always up to date

Any regulatory change will be automatically integrated within the solution, with no extra worry on your side.

#6 Ready-to-go

The AI-Suite is immediately available thanks to cloud computing (SaaS) or an on-premise solution.


The TAXO TOOL is mainly addressing banks and saving banks, but applies also to insurance and investment companies, fund managers and other industries and institutions falling under this new regulation.

_The Challenge

The EU taxonomy is a new and mammoth regulatory project determining a significant increase of bureaucratic costs.

Secondly, companies often are not able to collect enough data and are missing the abilities to evaluate and elaborate them.

The legislative documents contained in the EU’s taxonomy regulation alone make up a total of 24,000 pages.In addition, access to a variety of publicly available data sources is required to calculate carbon emissions and energy consumption figures.The financial sector needs a technical solution to be able to handle the wealth of data and information on the one hand and to make decisions forwarding the aim of a sustainable financial sector on the other.

_AI Solution for Sustainable Finance

The TAXO TOOL, developed in collaboration with Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutschlands (VÖB), and VÖB-Service GmbH, solves this data problem by using artificial intelligence.

Our ready-to-go AI platform supports data collection and document capture. This means that there is no need for institution-specific development. This reduces costs significantly and increases efficiency.

The aim of the TAXO TOOL is to map the complexity of the technical evaluation criteria of the EU taxonomy for sustainability in one system and to enable automated procedures.

Transparency and auditability of the results are key elements in our AI Suite. Our approach is “open-box”, that means that we present the whole path that brought to a certain result.

Indeed, transparency requirements are imposed on reporting companies, which are to be fulfilled by disclosures.

_Why Dydon AI

What makes the TAXO TOOL so unique is the combination of the “open-box” approach for transparent results, our modular AI-technology enabling to combine also other relevant modules to the main AI-Suite (like ESG, Carbon Footprint) and the strong knowledge base.

Why Dydon AI

Our Partnership with VÖB and VÖB-Service

The TAXO TOOL, has been developed in partnership with Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutschlands (VÖB), and VÖB-Service GmbH. The VÖB represents 59 member banking institutions, including the regional banks as well as the promotional banks owned by the federal and state governments.

Our Partnership with 4π-sciencelab

In order to make smart economic and political decisions, we need a solid foundation of knowledge backed by facts. The natural sciences are becoming increasingly important, as the public discussions on climate protection, energy supply, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology show. A broad, fundamental understanding of the most important scientific relationships is also essential for a vibrant democracy. 4π offers understandable representations of complex scientific issues. The variety of topics ranges from the greenhouse effect and quantum computing to the Big Bang. 4π follows the scientifically proven findings objectively and calmly.

Nov 9th, 2022
Webinar and Product Demo of our AI software for the EU Taxonomy
The EU Taxonomy on sustainable investments To achieve its objectives of the EU Climate Energy targets of 2030 and the European Green Deal, the European commission implemented the EU taxonomy. This taxonomy allows companies to benefit from…
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Our AI Suite for Sustainable Finance

Our ready-to-go AI platform provides a fast, easy, traceable and transparent assessment of all the necessary criteria to rank and analyze your sustainability concerning ESG, EU Taxonomy and your company Carbon Footprint. Our 3 modules for Sustainable Finance are highly interconnected and flexible. Each domain cross-functions with the others on the same platform, increasing data volume and accuracy.




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