Swiss greentech startup Dydon AI is member of Switzerland Global Enterprise

16th November 2022

The sustainable finance software developed by the Swiss startup Dydon AI is mainly addressing European customers today, and within this process of tapping into an international business is now member of Switzerland Global Enterprise

World-renowned universities and research institutes in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) have chosen Switzerland as their home. This proximity to cutting-edge research is an important reason why global tech companies such as Google, IBM, and HPE conduct their research from here.

It is well known that Switzerland is one of the best locations for creating innovation. Compared to its population, the country holds the third-highest number of top AI patents worldwide.

That’s where also the GreenTech startup Dydon AI has been founded and developed its artificial intelligence software for sustainable finance.

Recently awarded as the “Best taxonomy data solution for ESG”, at the ESG Insight Awards 2022, and winner of the Innovation Award at the Global Sustainable Digital Finance Forum, Dydon AI’s commitment to simplifying companies’ compliance receives international recognition.

Due to the scope of the software, offering the alignment to financial institutions and companies with the recently introduced EU Taxonomy, Dydon AI is today mainly addressing and serving customers in European countries.

Even though it might not seem, at first sight, the EU Taxonomy is likely to affect soon also Switzerland’s financial institutions,”

said Dr. Hans-Peter Güllich, CEO & Founder of Dydon AI.

Indeed, when it comes to sustainable investing procedures, we just have to think about customers of Swiss banks who are willing to invest in some European countries, also this situation will fall under the regulation of the green EU Taxonomy. Similarly, Swiss companies that have branches in the EU, will also be subject to alignment to the regulation.

Within this process of expansion into the European countries, Dydon AI joined as a member of Switzerland Global Enterprise, which works on behalf of the Swiss Confederation and Cantons to promote investment and entrepreneurship in Switzerland and to help clients tap into new potential for their international business.

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